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 El programa eTwinning és una iniciativa de la Comissió Europea encaminada a promoure l'establiment d'agermanaments escolars i el desenvolupament de projectes de col·laboració a través d'Internet entre dues o més centres escolars de països europeus diferents sobre qualsevol tema de l'àmbit escolar acordat pels participants.

 El centre està o ha participant en dos projectes que es detallen a continuació.


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Explore Scratch

During this project the schools from different countries will exchange ideas on teaching programming in primary education. The main idea of this project is to introduce our students into the world of coding in an attractive way and encourage their creativity. By working on tasks related to various topics, we will try to show our students that coding can be a fun and enjoyable experience. We want our students to develop and grow by using skills of computer-thinking, logical reasoning and problem solving. In this project our students will express their ideas creatively by making animations, animated stories and games.

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Digital Citizenship

This is a project where students and teachers from different European countries will cooperate to study and discover the rules which make us correct citizens in a digital world. #eTwCitizen16 Subtopics to work on: 1. On line safety. 2. cyber-bulling 3. Respect of myself and the others when I am online 4. Correct use of my personal device.

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Valencian ball


I would like to begin a project in relation with Valencian ball. There are a lot of Valencian ball games, due basically to the great adaptation of the games to the subordinating of space. The most important game is called “Raspall”, because it is the most applicable in educational centers


Digital Citizienship




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